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Election-Results-Viewer testing was conducted using a 233Mhz iMac OS8.6 with 64Mbytes memory.

To run the Election Results Viewer with Internet Explorer, Apple Computer recommends you use Internet Explorer (Mac Edition) and the new Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) from Apple.  Versions of Netscape Communicator and Navigator up to and including 4.7 use their own internal Java virtual machine and cannot be configured to use MRJ; and for Netscape 6.x, it's not necessary to download the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ).  In addition, we achieved the best performance by allocating at least 16 Mbytes of memory to Internet Explorer and running the iMac with a graphics setting of "thousands of colors" - not millions.

WOW!  The Apple Applet Runner works great too.  Give it a whirl.

If you run the Apple Applet Runner included with MRJ2.2, enter one of the following URLs to load/launch the Player, and if you're interested, view the Java Console and watch what's happening behind the scenes.


What is MRJ? - MRJ is Apple's implementation of Sun Microsystems' Java Virtual Machine (JVM).  MRJ 2.2 implements Sun's JDK 1.1.8 specification.  MRJ provides the runtime software needed to run Java applets and applications.  And it also includes the Apple Applet Runner, a simple utility for running applets without the overhead of a browser.

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