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When you start the Election Results Viewer, a separate window opens and the Viewer is downloaded to your computer.  Once the Viewer is downloaded and running, select the contests and/or propositions you want to view.  Contests can be selected one at a time or in groups.  For example, you might select the contests for Governor, U.S. Congress, and Propositions 41, 44, and 45.  Also, select one or more parties.

After selecting the contests and parties of interest, click on the Viewer's "Play" button.  The contest-selection controls are replaced with a scrolling display of the contests you selected.  The list of selected contests scrolls continuously.

After the polls close at 8 p.m. on March 5th, your Election Results Viewer will be updated approximately every ten minutes as fresh data becomes available.  The update takes place automatically with no action required on your part as new results are compiled from the Secretary's of State systems.  The Viewer's "Results as of:" display indicates the time the votes were calculated on the Secretary's systems.

If at any time you would like to stop the scrolling display,  click on the "Pause" button below the display.  Then, if desired, use the 'jog' arrows next to the "Play" button to either single step the display among contests, or jump to the beginning or end of your contest list.  While paused, the display is still updated as new results are received.  Click on "Play" to restart the scrolling action.

To modify your contest selections,  if desired, click on "Create New List".  The scrolling display stops and is replaced by the contest-selection controls.  Make your changes; then click on "Play" when you're ready to resume the scrolling display with the newly selected contests.

To exit the Viewer, click on the X in the upper right corner of the Viewer window's border.

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